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Our business strategy is to create new land development opportunities and to maximize the value of land for our partners and shareholders.

The prevalence of commercial, agricultural and residential land development projects tends to follow the economic health of a region, and successful completion of those projects is critical during both prosperous and difficult economic times. Many development projects must seize a particular window of opportunity and cannot afford the luxury of a relaxed construction timeline or a surplus budget.

For more than 3 years, Timor properties has been providing environmental support for land development projects. Because our staff of senior scientists and engineers has unique and diverse backgrounds, our project teams are able to address each facet of a project with the expertise that allows our clients to consistently achieve project goals and timelines. We use that knowledge to steer projects through a potentially problematic environmental regulatory arena.

Some of our developed estates include;

  1. Jokolera Estate
  2. Mawule-kasangati
  3. Bugema Estate